Charitable Organizations Welcome Older Refugees In Syria


Triggered in the mid of March 2011, the grave conflict in Syria will soon enter its sixth year.

Unfortunately, it has taken a very bitter route and over the years evolved into a complex and lasting humanitarian crisis – engulfing the Middle Eastern region and the neighboring countries.

It is worth noting that according to a recent UN Refugee Agency, 15%-20% of the people who have fled the country are actually over the age of 60.

Amidst all the chaos, the plight of the older refugees is disheartening as a vast majority of them are seriously affected and even exhibit psychological disorders.

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Although they fail to make it to the news headlines, the older refugees fleeing Syria are in the midst of a crisis as they are denied aid, face poverty along with the ever increasing health problems.

However, thanks to the part of the charitable housing organizations like the Abbeyfield Society, HelpAge etc., there is still a ray of hope shining in the horizon for them.

The organizations are now building help by providing medicines and upgrading the existing medical facilities to make them more age friendly.

Needless to say, preparing to welcome the vast number of older refugees is not a mere cakewalk, however the charitable organizations are ready to open their doors for their betterment.

Removing Termites From Refugee Camps

A lot of troubles caused by the invasion of termites and white ants in our home. They cause the havoc to our wooden furniture and other household items. The termite control becomes our topmost priority to save our wooden furniture.


Termite prevention

Nowadays, a large number of chemicals is used for termite control treatment. Many of the environment-friendly chemicals have manufactured that help in controlling termites, which are highly effective about the problem of termite infestation and does no harm to human beings.

Hence, if termites have invaded any refugee camp, you need to take immediate action to control them before they bring loss to you both structurally and functionally.


It can be done in three steps, which are as follows:

Identification of the termites- you need to identify the type of termite that has entered your house. Hence, it is a must for you to collect all the termite information to achieve the desired pest control. Subterranean termites are most common form of termite infection in residential areas. Even the dry wood termites and damp wood termites cause major infestation and damage to your property. Thus, it becomes necessary to identify termites to get the best solution to get rid of them.

Three most important termite treatments

Barrier treatment – it is one of the most inexpensive ways of termite control. It includes the usage of barrier products such as

Termidor. These are effective enough as they do not kill the termites. They only entrap termites toward the lethal area around

Termidor. Fripnoil is an active ingredient in tremor, which attract them towards itself. The termites, which get into the infected area, die gradually.

Green Termite baits system – it is a system that is installed in the outdoor of your house. The termites get attract towards the wood, so these baits have a wooden base.

As the termite gets attracted, it gets replace by the poisonous lace, on which the termite feed. Termites also carry this deceiving food to the entire colony, which sooner gets eliminated. This termite capture device, known as a terminus, is easily available in many online and offline stores.

Licensed professionals – you can also get the work done for you with the help and advice of licensed termite control professionals. If you think the infestation is getting out of control, it is advisable to seek their help as soon as possible. You only need to search their contact number online. These services are just a phone call away.

Carpet Cleaning – Our Office Certainly Needs It!

If you have not had your carpets cleaned in the past year or even longer, then you have probably begun to notice that your rugs and carpets are not looking as clean, fresh and lively as they once did.


If you have children and/or pets around tracking in additional dirt and leaving behind telltale spills, or you have had various types of accidents on the carpet, you most likely can use some carpet cleaning tips to help you get your carpets looking better again.

Here at the Wesley Foundation, we have a problem with our carpet – it’s filthy! We spoke with carpet cleaning Las Vegas to not only get tips for our own carpet cleanliness but some pretty useful information for this article.

If you have kids, pets, or just a lot of traffic going in and out of the house and going across the carpeting all the time, then it is a sure thing that even brand new carpets will start to look dingy and drab before you know it, if you don’t have a good routine for carpet cleaning and maintenance.

The good news is that there are some simple carpet cleaning strategies that will help restore the beauty and appeal of your rugs and carpets, from wall to wall carpeting, to area rugs such as Oriental carpets, Persian carpets, and other specialty carpeting.


Basic & Simple

As carpet cleaning tips go, the one that is probably the most basic and the most important is to vacuum all of the rugs and carpets regularly. This means that you should vacuum at least once a week even if it doesn’t appear that the carpeting is dirty. You should vacuum even more often if your carpet receives lots of foot traffic everyday.

Regularly vacuuming the rugs and carpets in your home is the first line of defense and will help to minimize the amount of dust dirt, and microorganisms that naturally collect in carpeting from getting ground into the fibers. When these elements get ground into the fibers it makes it more difficult to get them out no matter what type of carpet cleaning service or equipment you use.


Carpet Cleaning Machine

The next important tip for cleaning carpets to keep them looking new and fresh is to routinely rent a carpet cleaning machine or hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning service. If you don’t have too much traffic or commotion on and around your carpeted areas, then you should plan on doing a carpet cleaning twice a year for the best benefits.

However, if you have pets and children that spend a good deal of time on the carpets, then it is a good idea to have them cleaned quarterly.

Following these simple carpet cleaning tips will help keep the carpeting in your home in the best condition possible. Regular vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning will add to the life of your carpet and keep it healthy because microorganisms will not be able to thrive.

Best of all, the carpet will look great and it will feel great under your feet when it is cleaned routinely.

Post Office Change Of Address? (Video Series)

In today’s post very kindly sponsored by the US postal service, we wanted to take a look at the exact steps you need to take in order to change your address

For many moving can be a stressful time, for those volunteering at the Wesley Foundation and helping with our valuable causes have lots of first hand experience of moving home for 6 – 12 months and having to organize the re-direction of their email.

In this first video we hear from Bryan, who has been a volunteer for over 10 years, he explains the exact steps for a  post office change of address free

As you can see it’s a pretty straight forward task, which can be completed online in seconds.

In this next video, Laura explains how the change can be made by simply visiting your local neighborhood Post Office:

And finally Clive, long time communications coordinator at the Wesley Foundation, explains the process for immigrants of the US, which is slightly different from citizens of the country.

We hope you have enjoyed this series. If you would like to see more of these useful guides, then please leave a comment in the comments section below, for ideas for new posts.

How To Make The Perfect Refugee Camp


Within the past few years, peoples have seen devastating political and social turmoil the world over.

Many civilians are forced to leave their homes and flee to different countries out of fear of political instability.

Without knowing where they can live officially, they must make the most of a state-sanctioned refugee camp.


There are some ways to make them as habitable as possible.

1. Hygiene: Given that thousands of people can live in these camps without easy access to a hospital, it is best to remain as hygienic as possible. Having a sufficient water supply and health care can help prevent the spread of diseases.


2. Shelter: Having panels to block the elements out is essential for the survival of a refugee family. If possible, providing shelters with electricity is an added bonus! It is now typically recommended to build shelters with roofs that are waterproof, flame-resistant and solar-paneled with ventilation hatches. This type of structure protects against extreme weather conditions like snow according to experts snow removal services Spokane.


3. Schooling: Since an overwhelming number of refugees will be children, it is best to provide an area within the camp for children to learn. Despite the crisis they are whisked into, children must still receive an education, especially for when they leave the camp.


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All You Need To Know About Cremation

Unfortunately no matter how many lives we save, there are always going to be casualties.

While death is obviously a very sad topic that many people find hard to talk about, people involved will always need advice and guidance on planning the funeral. In this guide we wanted to cover the topic of cremation, explain exactly what it means and how to organize a funeral.

During cremation, the remains of a body are burned to ash sometimes referred to as cremated remains or cremains and they may be kept by the family in an urn, interred in a columbarium niche scattered or buried in the earth.

Choosing cremation does not interfere with having a traditional funeral. It can either take place after or before the funeral.

· Cremation casket

· Urn

If you choose to have the funeral before cremation, you will need to purchase or rent a casket and if you choose to bury the cremains in a cemetery, you will need grave liners or burial vaults depending on the cemetery rules.


Cremations services

The Ashes

Cremains can either be buried in a cemetery, kept in an urn or interred in a columbarium or scattered. You can also choose to turn the remains into jewelry, shoot them into space make them into fireworks or incorporate them into an underwater reef.


Cost of cremation

The cost of cremation includes:

The products you will need to purchase such as urn and the cremation casket, grave liner or burial vault or a grave maker and headstone.

Services from the funeral home such as the cost of the cremation, transportation of the body, the use of funeral home equipment and staff for the service.

Cemetery costs, including a columbarium space or a plot, fees for opening and closing the grave, headstone installation fees, “endowment care” fees among others


Competition Time – Braun Series 9 9090cc Giveaway

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Braun Series 9 9090cc Specification Guide


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When you begin taking a look at new razors, the initial thing you’ll become aware of is that there are so many alternatives to choose from. choosing an electric razor is usually difficult for many men. For this reason, I have provided you a few guidelines which will help you in making a decision for buying the best electric razor for you.

Every one of us has certain things we expect from a brand new razor, and understanding precisely what you want should be among your first decisions. A simple decision is if you desire a cordless or a plug-in shaver; the plug-in shaver costs a few dollars less than a cordless one.

A few of them possess fancy, blinking LED illumination and others are more simple in their appearance. Another choice is if you want one that you can utilize in the shower or a razor that cannot become soaked. As a result, your very first step is to decide on what your individual preferences are and go from there.

The next thing you ought to look at is your razors upkeep. Over time, every single one of these razors will eventually develop a build up of hair and gunk in the shavers head. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then you may easily buy an electric shaver that has to be cleaned manually.

Self-cleaning shavers are just a couple of bucks extra and they work quite well. While using the self-cleaning types of electric razors, the cleaning solution is to flood throughout the head of the razor to clean out the build-up of gunk and grime.

Metalcore Charity Metal Detecting Rally

Rally information

This is will be like no other event that has ever been held.

There will be a lot of things to do .

Over 500 acres of land will be available for the activity to be carried out on it.

The over 500 acres will be of mixture pasture and stubble – perfect for the mid ranged metal detector; this will be split over the 5 days .

Part of the land has been moderately detected in the past .

A parcel of land that will be made available for camping will be from 12pm on Friday.


Live entertainment will be full blast on Saturday and featured country music artists BrettElderegde & Alan Jackson

• Bar and grill that is fully licensed (Sat and Sun evening )
• Toilets and bathrooms
• Hot tasty and spicy Food
• Camping and games
• Bonfire (Sat and Sun)
• Marquees

Raffle Drawn Saturday and Sunday Night Kindly Sponsored by Roughlands Black BAD Minelab & Metal Detector List and there will be updates before the event starts.

Dogs, horses and other animals are permitted, but must be kept on leads and any form of animal waste bagged and binned.


Meladerm Cream – An Insight

We want to thank Meladerm where to buy with their continued support to the Wesley Foundation.


Helping refugees with medicine and body products would not be possible without the very kind donations from companies like this. Together we can really make a difference and change peoples lives.

Although the technology has progressed, more and more people search for professional help because of skin changes,and millions of people become depressed because they face a lot of age spots, acne or are suffering from hyperpigmentation .

The market is crowded with products that remove acne and scars , reduce blemishes … but very few of them really does have such an effect.

Luckily there is a perfect product for this type of problem. In a sea of similar but unproven products, Meladorm cream is a unique product that helps in cases hyperpigmentation and uneven skin.

This cream gives results in an average of two months , where step by step face gets the a natural glow , and scars or blemishes become less visible or almost imperceptible .

Manufacturer of creams, The civant skin care has done tremendous research to find out which ingredients are best to influence the health of the skin. It was found that it is best to eliminate ingredients like mercury , steroids and hydroquinone .

This cream contains only natural ingredients that nourish the skin and give the vitamins and minerals that are needed. Meladerm cream is the best choice for all who care about the beauty of their skin.

How to help someone with a drug addiction?

This article was very kindly published by the House Of Recovery with a generous donation. The House of Recovery are a drug abuse and alcohol rehab center, who help recovering addicts stay clean and integrate back into society.

Is your partner or friend suffering from drug addiction?

Are you worried sick how to deal with the problem?

Before you decide to confront them, you need to approach them with the problem.

Let them first accept the fact that they have a problem, then only it can be dealt with. Don’t start an argument. Often it has been found that drug addicts flare up easily. So avoid a situation that could lead to an outburst and the drug abuser further closing into themselves.

It is natural to be nervous about approaching a drug addict, especially if they are related to you.

Science has proved that drug abuse can be successfully dealt with and the patient can lead a productive life.

infographic drugs

All the drug addicts require is a right guidance. If someone you know is an addict take them through the information printed on various forums and ensure that they join the discussion.

Repeated drug abuse can affect the brain and the cognitive process.

The person may lose strength to exercise self control.

You need to be patient and understanding. The abuser can be successfully weaned off drugs provided there is patience and perseverance on your part. Drug addiction is curable provided there is adequate support from the family.